Our craked biscuits

Thanks to its crunchy texture and fruit pieces, you will not get tired of it.

Our diamonds

With this small shortbreads both fluffy inside and crispy outside, discover our diamonds garnished with different flavors such as chestnut, lemon... 

Our Corrézien palets

Let yourself be seduced by our Corrézien palets (dry biscuits made with short pastry), enjoy them with blueberry, raspberry and many other flavors.

Our cookies

Find this iconic Biscuit in Limouzi version.

Our Croquants

As suggests by the name, this crispy biscuit is also tasty thanks to its multiple scents.

Our salted

For an aperitif with family or friends, here is a range of salt biscuits made for you. Make the taste buds of your guests capsize.

Our cailloux

Discover our cailloux of Turenne, this almond coated with white chocolate and flavoured with strawberry, for a different pleasure.